Kernel (uClinux kernel 2.4.24 with ipod patches) for iPod mini 1st generation (HFS+ formatted)

Linux kernel image: download (889.7 KB)
Note: This kernel has disabled USB, Firewire and Network support.
Tip: Compile without procfs support, for embedded systems isn't necessary and save about 40 Kb.

Instructions to build & install your kernel
Notes about iPod partitions


Sash binary v1.1.2: download [for typing]
Sash sources: download
Minix shell binary: download [for I/O redirections]
Podzilla binary: download WARNING: It isn't ipodlinux official project version.
/etc/podzilla.conf: download
/etc/sash.conf: download
/etc/rc: download
/etc/inittab: download

Podzilla features:
   Displays pictures jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, xpm and pnm formats.
   Displays text.
   Executes binary files (FLT format) or bash script files.
   Plays MP3, AAC and RAW audio file formats.

Sash shell keys legend:
    Scroll left/right: Decrement/Increment current character.
    Action: Type next character.
    Play/Pause: Execute command.
    Prev: Erase current character.
    Next: Autocomplete commands (like Tab key in linux)
    Menu: Show quick access commands (defined in /etc/sash.conf).